Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Yesterday, I began my "month of Isaiah." What is that? Well, last summer I undertook an intensive year-long Bible reading plan. Using a cycle of readings, by the end of the period I will have read the Old Testament 1 time, the Psalms 4 times, the Epistles twice and the Gospels 5 times each. I am now at Isaiah, and the schedule I'm on has 31 days for reading the book (Jeremiah, which comes next, has nearly as much time dedicated). I am excited, because previous readings of Isaiah have either been in bits and pieces, or have been rushed through. Now I can spend some time listening to the great prophet (or prophets). By mid April, I hope to have a better understanding of Isaiah and the importance of that book to our Saviour.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

I finished James Stephens' The Crock of Gold, and found the first half much more compelling than the second half. Once Stephens felt the plot had to take over, some of the playfulness and magic went away. It just reminds me how difficult it is to write a great fantasy, and it makes John Crowley's achievement in Little, Big that much more impressive.

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